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Transitioning from Kindergarten to Elementary School

Transitioning from Kindergarten to Elementary School
Jenny Niwa

The pre-1st students are getting ready for their first year as ES students. 

Through the three weeks of summer school, the pre-1st graders are getting ready to officially become Elementary students. With a different building and new teachers, the transition to becoming a "big kid" may have been daunting for some. Yet, when entering the pre-1st classrooms, the excitement and enthusiasm of the students to learn is clearly visible showing that they are gradually adapting to their new environment.

Currently, the pre-1st graders are learning how to retell stories. In their class today, the students first read the picture book "Otis", and as a group, they practiced retelling the story by discussing the setting, characters, conflict, and the progression of the story. After working on the book together with the class, the students then paired up and chose their own book to practice retelling. This activity helps the students to understand what they are reading and strengthen their comprehension skills which they will use when they enter first grade. 


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TASSEL Volleyball Camp
Jenny Niwa

A two week camp for middle school students who want to improve their volleyball skills.

Pre-2nd Students
Jenny Niwa

Pre-2nd graders have fun performing a play in front of a big audience. 

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What is Unique About Summer School?
Jenny Niwa

Why should students attend summer school? Taking a look at what makes summer school unique and the benefits of taking classes.

Teddy Bear Picnic!
Jenny Niwa

KG students have fun at the Teddy Bear Picnic.

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Art Inspired BY Paul Klee
Catherine Beswick

Afternoon Art Program for Summer school is inspired by Paul Klee. 

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