TASSEL Volleyball Camp 2019

TASSEL Volleyball Camp 2019
Lauren Woody

A two-week volleyball camp for pre-6th to 9th graders.

For the first 2 weeks of summer school, several High School members from the service organization, TASSEL, organized TASSEL's fourth annual volleyball camp fundraiser for the rising 6th to 9th grade students. This volleyball camp started at 3:30, after the summer program, for 2 hours every week day, and is a popular program for students who enjoy playing volleyball and want to refine and improve their skill for the upcoming volleyball season. This summer, 11 Seisen students in TASSEL will be visiting Cambodia for an independent service trip with TASSEL, and will be bringing all of the money raised during the camp, to donate to TASSEL.

TASSEL started as an organization that aimed to teach underprivileged children in Cambodia, English; specifically phonics. Now, it has grown into an organization that not only aims to teach Cambodian children phonics, but grammar, reading skills, as well as writing, and gives families necessities such as food aid, health aid, and clothing. Throughout the school year, many Seisen high school students teach English through a telecommunications application, to a class in one of the 5 villages TASSEL is in, or is given a student who they edit essays and give writing advice to. 

Hence, the volleyball camp not only gave an opportunity for students to grow their volleyball skills, but also was a great fundraiser to help those in poverty in rural Cambodia. 

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