Sports Campers Learn How to Play Rugby!

Sports Campers Learn How to Play Rugby!
Lauren Woody

The Sports Campers learn how to play rugby for the first time! 

This morning, Ricky Dumigan, Head of Strength And Conditioning/Skills at Ricoh Black Rams Rugby Union, and Seisen parent, visited Seisen to introduce the full-day sports campers to rugby.

The majority of the sports campers and well as leaders, had never played rugby before, and many did not really even know what rugby was! It is a sport that is not played at Seisen, and so it was a great opportunity for all those involved, to learn more about this sport! 

The students started with learning the basics of rugby, and how to throw the ball using the proper form. They then practiced moving forward and passing backwards, which is essential to do when playing rugby. They then practiced moving around to an open place to receive a pass, which got them ready for playing on the full field.

The sports campers had a lot of fun, with one student saying that, “I never played a sport like rugby so it was really fun to learn how to play. Also, you have to work in a team, and run a lot which was really fun!”.

Thank you for a fun morning, Mr Dumigan!


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