Pre-5th Grader Practice Acting and Producing

Pre-5th Grader Practice Acting and Producing
Jenny Niwa

The Pre-5th graders are working on a play that they produced themselves.

Starting from Monday, the pre-5th graders began creating a play based on the novel by Ted Hughes, "The Iron Man". Without the teacher's help, the students wrote their own scripts and produced the play where they incorporated the theme of "how to treat outsiders" into their play. The production of the play was a whole class effort - each student had a part to play whether it be as a narrator or as an actor and worked together to develop each scene. Today, they practiced going through the whole play. Between each scene, the students gave each other feedbacks and worked on improving the script and acting of the play for their performance day on Friday. The purpose of this activity is for the students to learn the fundamentals of acting and expression while also developing their creative skills in writing through the script of the play. They also learn the valuable lesson of working together as a whole group to accomplish a goal while having fun with their peers. 

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