Pre-1st graders Explore Their Creativity Through Art

Pre-1st graders Explore Their Creativity Through Art
Jenny Niwa

The Pre-1st graders enjoy arts and crafts during their afternoon session of the week.

During the afternoon session, the pre-1st graders split up into three different classes where they did arts and crafts. Using various materials from paint, yarn, and markers, the girls were able to expand and use new art skills to create artistic masterpieces. In one class, the girls created their own Paddington the Bear using a paper plate, paint, and decorations. Another class focused on self-portraits where the students used a mirror to draw their faces which enabled them to transfer their perception into creativity. The third class drew various designs on colored paper and decorated them by sewing or gluing colorful yarn onto it. The pre-1st graders will be having these art classes for the afternoon session this whole week, so it is exciting to see what other creative artworks they will make!


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