MS Students Learn How to Become Dynamic Speakers

MS Students Learn How to Become Dynamic Speakers
Jenny Niwa

The class becomes confident in speaking by incorporating good body language. 

Having to speak in front of an audience is always difficult and nervewracking, especially for those who are shy. The Becoming a Dynamic Speaker class is a unique class for students to build confidence and improve their speaking skills. In their class yesterday, they worked on how to incorporate good body language to make their speeches effective and learned how to speak with a podium. For their first activity, the students introduced themselves in one minute with one minute to prepare. For these speeches, the students focused on being creative with their gestures as well as integrating techniques such as tonal voice and posture to make it interesting. After each of the individual speeches, the class gave positive feedback to the student, pointing to what the student did really well. They also gave feedback on what the student could work on in the future allowing the student to focus on a specific speaking skill to develop. Ms. Alo commented that all of the students had shown significant improvement from their first lesson in the course, displaying a greater confidence level. 

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