Intro to Communications and Speaking

Intro to Communications and Speaking
Lauren Woody

7th to 12th graders work on their presentation and speaking skills.

For the past three weeks, the ‘Into to Communications and Speaking’ class have been working hard on improving their speaking and presentation skills. This week, their focus was on persuasive speaking, and use of pathos, ethos, and logos to strengthen their point. All students were given the task of interviewing people on the street, to talk about if they had given a public speech, as well as advice towards those giving speeches. What was evident, was that people at work have to make presentations often, which shows how important it is to be good speakers and have the ability to make convincing and persuasive speeches. Advice for public speaking ranged from making sure to practice and prepare a lot, to thinking that you are ready in order to be confident. 

The students had 2 lessons to prepare for their presentation, which they all chose topics they were interested in, with the purpose of convincing their audience to do what their presentation was about. Each presentation included ethos, pathos, and logos, and used referred to individuals rather than a large group when presenting, as these tactics all helps create a very persuasive and intriguing argument and presentation. The students also focused on keeping a good tempo, and worked on using pitch and tone as well as other techniques to create interesting presentations. All students improved so much from the beginning of the three weeks, and have truly enjoyed this class! They will definitely be using the skills learned in this class in their future presentations. 


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