ICT Builds News Experiences for Pre-2nd and 3rd Graders

ICT Builds News Experiences for Pre-2nd and 3rd Graders
Jenny Niwa

Pre-2nd and 3rd graders learn how to program in the ICT class.

As part of the rotational afternoon session, the pre-2nd and 3rd students enjoy learning how to use new technology in their ICT class. Through using a program called Tynker, the students develop their programming skills through gamification, in which they use block coding to make a character in their mini-game system move or jump. Alongside learning how to use the programming system, the students learn advanced words such as "conditions" and "variables" and gain an understanding of the "if, then" concept. Additionally, the students are able to build on their mathematics skill through this hands-on activity when they incorporate angles into their programs.  

Each student gets a username and password so they are able to access the program outside of the classroom. Mr. Towse hopes that "more of them will pursue programming outside of school and build a passion for it like some have for other activities like dance, music or sports." 

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