First Day of Summer School

First Day of Summer School
Jenny Niwa

Starting off the first day of summer school with excitement.

Despite the rainy and cloudy weather in Tokyo, Seisen students entered the school filled with excitement for their three week Summer Program. Ranging from creative writing classes to SAT prep for middle and high school students, and exhilarating classes for the KG and elementary students, there are various promising classes that will both enhance new skills and help make new friendships.

The Summer program is different to the regular school curriculum in that middle and high school students have more freedom to choose the classes that they want to take and focus on developing skills they want to improve. It also allows all the students to get ready for the next school year. Mr. Britain, who coordinates the Summer School Program, expressed his excitement for the upcoming three weeks of classes stating, "I think it's a good way for students and teachers to learn new things, meet new people and start the summer break with a positive attitude." 


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