Digital Writing Enhances Essay Skills

Digital Writing Enhances Essay Skills
Jenny Niwa

MS students learn how to incorporate new techniques into their writing.

The students in the Digital Writing Class are currently working on an expository writing essay that helps them to enhance their writing skills. Although this class focuses on writing, Mr.Gomez also implements activities that enhance presentation skills. As the group is fairly quiet, the group viewed a short documentary and shared what they have learned to the whole class to develop confidence. 

This week, the students aim to create a polished document of their essays so that they can incorporate them into comics and skits. The class will also hyperlink buttons into their essays to integrate various resources. If the class has time, they will plan to produce a podcast and a text script for it. This Digital Writing Class is a new and unique class that has been implemented in the program this year. It allows for a fun and innovative way for students to learn writing as opposed to just writing essays for the duration of the session. 

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TASSEL Volleyball Camp
Jenny Niwa

A two week camp for middle school students who want to improve their volleyball skills.

Pre-2nd Students
Jenny Niwa

Pre-2nd graders have fun performing a play in front of a big audience. 

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What is Unique About Summer School?
Jenny Niwa

Why should students attend summer school? Taking a look at what makes summer school unique and the benefits of taking classes.

Teddy Bear Picnic!
Jenny Niwa

KG students have fun at the Teddy Bear Picnic.

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Art Inspired BY Paul Klee
Catherine Beswick

Afternoon Art Program for Summer school is inspired by Paul Klee. 

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