Developing Essay Writing Skills

Developing Essay Writing Skills
Jenny Niwa

MS/HS students develop conclusions to enhance their essays. 

The Essay Writing class today focused on enhancing their conclusions for their position paper. Each student has one stance on the position paper based on the topic of whether video games should be played or not. To improve their conclusions they focused on using good word choice, restating claims, demonstrating how the argument shifted and integrating messages and suggestions for the readers. The conclusion is important for position paper as it enables the writer to restate the argument and strengthen their essay.

For many of the students, the Essay Writing class is a way for them to improve academic writing. Although the students have written argumentative papers in past years, they never had the chance to focus specifically on how to write and make the essays better. The course provides the students with a platform to develop their writing for academic writing in the future. It also enables the students who are entering high school to develop interest and prepare for academic clubs such as debate as well as their classes. 

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TASSEL Volleyball Camp
Jenny Niwa

A two week camp for middle school students who want to improve their volleyball skills.

Pre-2nd Students
Jenny Niwa

Pre-2nd graders have fun performing a play in front of a big audience. 

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What is Unique About Summer School?
Jenny Niwa

Why should students attend summer school? Taking a look at what makes summer school unique and the benefits of taking classes.

Teddy Bear Picnic!
Jenny Niwa

KG students have fun at the Teddy Bear Picnic.

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Art Inspired BY Paul Klee
Catherine Beswick

Afternoon Art Program for Summer school is inspired by Paul Klee. 

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