Building Friendships Through Sports Camp

Building Friendships Through Sports Camp
Jenny Niwa

An insight into the 3 weeks of the Sports Camp and the importance of the leaders. 

One of the most popular Summer programs for elementary students is Sports Camp. Traveling to swimming pools and adventure parks and learning how to play different sports, the students all enjoy the various activities that help them grow as athletes. Although the students have fun experiencing different sports, the program would not be as popular as it is without the help of the middle and high school leaders. 

The leaders that give up their time to help the students either for the full or half day sports camp is what makes the sports camp special. They are the ones that help lead the various sports activities that are done in the school by teaching the students how to play as well as organize the groups when they go on outings. Especially with a large group of students, the leaders are of great help to the teachers throughout the duration of the camp. What is also special about the sports camp program is the relationships that grow between the leaders and the campers. Through their leadership, the campers learn to respect and admire the middle and high school students. There are rarely ever events during the school year where the high school, middle and elementary school students get to interact for a long period of time. Through the three weeks of the camp, however, all the students get to know each other and form a strong bond that lasts throughout the following year. 

For the last day of the camp, the students and leaders shared an eventful afternoon by doing a water activity. The students did a variety of games including the game "over and under" and played with water balloons. The strong friendships that have been created through the camp were evident upon viewing the water fight as there were many laughs and enjoyment by both the leaders and campers. 

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