An Opportunity for HS Students to Write Creatively

An Opportunity for HS Students to Write Creatively
Jenny Niwa

The importance of creative writing for high school students. 

When entering high school, there is more emphasis on essays and academic writing in the English curriculum. Rarely is there ever an assignment that challenges a student's creative writing skills, which hinders their growth as writers. The Creative Writing class in the summer program allows high school students who have an interest in writing to pursue and develop a creative writing style. With summer school promoting more freedom, students are able to choose various writing topics to explore and enjoy writing without restrictions. Starting off the program, the students challenged themselves by creating an A to Z story in which they made sentences starting with every letter of the alphabet. Today, the students wrote a six-sentence paragraph about a topic of their choice and were introduced to journaling. All tasks start with a story map, which is a way for the students to brainstorm and generate their ideas. 

The class is not just for students to develop their technical skills in creative writing. Mr.Dutki, who teaches the Creative Writing class, expressed that the class "promotes a spirit of sharing". It is common for most students to shy away from sharing what they have produced, and so he hopes that the bond that will be created in the small class will help build confidence for the students to openly share their works. 

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