9th to 11th graders Make Decisions Using Data

9th to 11th graders Make Decisions Using Data
Lauren Woody

The 9th to 11th graders enjoy learning new mathematical skills with Mr Usher.

“Decision Making with Data” is a new summer school class this year for the the pre-9th to 11th graders with Mr Usher, in which students are learning how to use statistics to select the best decision, or evaluate different choices. 

In this class, the students have been learning about different mathematical hypotheses, as well as null, alternative hypotheses, Type I errors and Type II errors, and the different consequences that arise from different errors and how to decide on the significance level. On top of learning different skills, the students have started to work on individual projects where they are choose a topic that they find interesting, and make decisions based on the data on their topic. This allows them to use the knowledge they have gained to real life situations of interest. 

Mr Usher stated about this class, “I planned to have a chance to teach this class because it gives us a chance to put math to work in ways that we often don’t have time to do in the regular classroom!”. This class is a lot of fun, and allows the students to learn new skills that are important, but that they won’t learn during High School. The students said about this class, “It’s a really fun class because we get to learn new math skills even though it’s really hard. Also, we’re able to see math in a lot of places that we didn’t see before, and see the world in a more mathematical perspective!

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