Seisen Returns to NASA

One of the Firebird Conrad teams have qualified in the top five teams of the Conrad Innovation Challenge

Seisen Singers Selected for Global Choir Festival

We send off four Seisen High School singers who were selected to sing in the 2019 International School Honor Choir sponsored by the Association for Music in International Schools.  They leave later today for Beijing and will be joining hundreds of other singers from around the world. Good Luck Sahana, Emily, Fumi and Nimisha.


Learning to Love, Loving to Learn

Sports Camp--Week Three Highlights

Sports Camp--Week Three Highlights
Tara Carnright

During the final week of Sports Camp, students enjoyed activities such as rock climbing, going to Tokyo Summerland, and competing during the dodgeball and badminton competitions! 

Well, the last week of camp is upon us. It's been amazing to watch our students enjoy the activities, get to know each other, their leaders and, perhaps most importantly, themselves a bit better. For some campers, engaging in athletics can be challenging and even scary, especially during activities such as swimming, rock climbing and skating. It's been awesome seeing them try and try until they finally become better at a specific skill. I watched one of our youngest campers remain on the roller skating rink for almost the entire session, her facial expression relaying her determination and grit to "get" the mechanics and stay upright. I watched other students attempt the same rock climbing wall time and time again until they could reach the top, even when no one was there to congratulate them when they made it. As teachers, these are examples of moments when we feel the most proud of our students. 

Monday of this week was designated as "Leader Day." Our leaders chose the majority of the activities, which included a big game of musical chairs, dance, and an obstacle course. Despite the heat, during the afternoon we made it outside for field activities, tennis and ping pong. Thank you, leaders, for your creativity and efforts in organizing! 

On Tuesday, we took the annual trip to T-Wall Kinshicho, where the students were able to climb walls of increasing difficulty. Many of the leaders had received rope training on how to support the students while they scale the larger walls. It was FANTASTIC to see how many of the girls wanted to try to climb the big walls despite some initial hesitation. The hardest part? Not ascending as much as DEscending, where you are forced to lean backwards and "walk" down the wall while being lowered. Overall, it was a great day out! 

Wednesday the Seisen Sports campers headed to parts unknown....Summerland! This was our first attempt at doing a trip to this Tokyo waterpark, and I believe I can speak for all when I say how much fun it was! We made it just in time for the waves in the big pool, and from that point on the students enjoyed going down the water slides, splashing around with their tubes in the big and small pools and eating the many snack offerings. Our favorites seemed to be the popcorn, shaved ice and sugary drinks in colors of pink, blue, red, purple and green. It was a wonderful day out, and we look forward to hopefully going again next year! 

On Thursday, we began with our annual dodgeball tournament followed by some badminton and karate! Mr. Tomizawa, one of our computer technology specialists, was kind enough to give up some time and teach our students some basic karate moves. Thank you Mr. Tomizawa! In the afternoon, even though the temperature was creeping above 30 degrees, we made it to Kinuta Park for some Capture the Flag. All were tired and sweaty upon return!

The last day of camp was bittersweet. Group games included soccer-baseball-basketball (a favorite) followed by some sweet treats celebrating the end. In the afternoon, the girls and leaders greatly enjoyed some water activities on the futsal pitch, where it gave everyone a chance to cool off in the oppressive heat. 

We hope that everyone had a blast during sports camp, and we're wishing everyone a GREAT rest of the summer! Thanks to the girls, leaders, office staff (especially Ms. Mariko), Mr. Brittain and parents for their support in making this happen! Safe travels, good health and happiness to all!

~Ms. Carnright and Mr. Hawkins


TASSEL Volleyball Camp
Jenny Niwa

A two week camp for middle school students who want to improve their volleyball skills.

Pre-2nd Students
Jenny Niwa

Pre-2nd graders have fun performing a play in front of a big audience. 

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What is Unique About Summer School?
Jenny Niwa

Why should students attend summer school? Taking a look at what makes summer school unique and the benefits of taking classes.

Teddy Bear Picnic!
Jenny Niwa

KG students have fun at the Teddy Bear Picnic.

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Sports Camp--Week Two Highlights
Tara Carnright

During Week 2 of Seisen Sports Camp, we said "goodbye!" to the rain and enjoyed some days out completing obstacles in the woods, swimming, bowling and roller skating!

Art Inspired BY Paul Klee
Catherine Beswick

Afternoon Art Program for Summer school is inspired by Paul Klee. 

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