Most of us were raised to be polite and respectful, and saying “thank you” is an essential piece of good manners.  But for how many of us has saying “thank you” become a reflex, something we mindlessly utter to the shop clerk or bus driver?  How many of us actually spend any amount of time really reflecting on our gratitude?


Learning to Love, Loving to Learn

Seisen Summer School 2018

Last year's Seisen Summer School Programs were the biggest ever.

2018 will have even more exciting new courses for Kindergarten to Grade 12 students.

Read more about last year's programs in these posts from our Summer School Student Blogger.

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elementary Programs


Pre-2nd Graders Write Their Own Fiction Stories
Zainah Nayef

The Pre-2nd graders are always using their english skills to the best of their ability to prepare for the upcoming school year.


Pre-5th Graders Practice Math and Number Combinations
Zainah Nayef

The Pre-5th graders expanded on their math abilities by doing activities that work with number combinations and speed. 


Swimming, Rock Climbing, Rollerskating, and Ice Skating
Zainah Nayef

The full day and afternoon sports campers went off campus during the first week to experience different activities such as rock climbing, swimming and skating.

MS/HS Programs

SAT Prep

Seisen SAT Prep Classes
Zainah Nayef

The SAT prep course has jumped right into the depths of vocabulary, grammar, and test taking


ICT Students Practice Flying Drones
Zainah Nayef

The middle school ICT students put their knowledge into action by flying drones in the gym.


Creative Writing Students Expand on Their English Abilities
Zainah Nayef

Mr. Dutki’s creative writing class is doing a large variety of various activities to improve on the students writing and comprehension.

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