Jiggle Friday

As I was cycling around my neighborhood yesterday, I noticed two of the sakura trees had bloomed.  So of course I stopped, got off my bike, and snapped a picture.  And it was a great reminder of how even when the world feels like it is in chaos, we can still count on nature to reassure us

Go to the Mat!

There is a famous line in Francis Ford Coppolla's, 1972 Academy Award winning film "The Godfather", that says, "We go the mattresses".  This line was made famous again in Nora Ephron's 1998 romantic comedy, "You've Got Mail".  Essentially, "go to the mattresses" is an expression that means to prepare for battle.


Learning to Love, Loving to Learn

Learning Support Specialist



The faculty and staff at Seisen International School believe in a community that is supportive and inclusive of a diverse population of students. We believe that all students have the equal right to a high quality education. The school strives to respond to the needs of individual students, within its resources. We work to achieve this by creating a culture of collaboration, problem solving, empathy, respect, and open-mindedness.


Teachers, specialists, or parents can refer students to learning support. On a rare occasion, a student refers herself. The learning support specialist identifies the learning difficulties of the referred students by:

  • obtaining information from the parents and teachers
  • reviewing previous educational history
  • documented observations in the classroom
  • consulting the Seisen Support Team (SST) members to discuss the student from different perspectives with a multidisciplinary approach
  • developing an action plan, as needed, and evaluating the student’s response

The SST may recommend an outside evaluation when it suspects that the student may have needs that cannot by assessed and/or supported with the resources available at Seisen International School.


In kindergarten and elementary school, students receive push-in and/or pull-out services. In middle/high school, pull-out services are available.

There are also indirect services where the learning support specialist communicates with the teachers and specialists to discuss ways to differentiate and support the individual students.

In keeping with the PYP and IB Diploma Programs, the learning support specialist, whenever possible, uses the materials and approaches related to the programs of inquiry as a vehicle to support the students.

Examples of services provided to the students (based on the objectives of the individual plans) are:

  • reading, writing, spelling remediation
  • basic math skills practice
  • curriculum-based support
  • coaching on study skills including time management and test preparation.

The learning support specialist assesses each student periodically and exchanges information with the teachers, specialists, and parents. Both quantitative and qualitative assessment data are used to evaluate and update the student’s goals.

Middle/high school students who receive learning support qualify for testing accommodations on midterm and final exams.

SST: Seisen Support Team

The members of the team: principals, counsellors, nurse, and learning support specialists.

SST in each division meets every other cycle to discuss and develop a plan for students of concern.