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Summer School 2019 Comes to an End

Summer School 2019 Comes to an End
Lauren Woody

The fun and exciting three-week summer program comes to an end.

While Summer School 2019 is now officially over, the students and teachers all had an incredible three weeks. 

Here are some of their reflections on this summer program!

“Summer school is fun because although initially it seems like a lot of work and a continuation of school at the end of the day it was a really fun experience and it was much better than staying at home and doing nothing.” 

“Learning with peers who are different ages and grades was really fun!”

“The students were very engaged and their interest and reaction to what was taught was genuine and exciting. On the first day, they were not as engaged, but by the end, they were really excited and interested in the classes! The students reflected on the 3 weeks, and all said that they will be taking things away from summer school and all have new goals to pursue. Also, the small community of teachers who do summer school every year really keeps me motivated through these three weeks as well!”

“Summer school was exciting because I got to hang out with people from different grade levels and it was also fun to meet new people and make beautiful friendships!” 

“It was great to get to know new people and also meet teachers I might have in the next year. It was also fun to be able to do things that I love to do in more depth than during the regular school year!”

“Summer school is fun because the students get to learn in a relaxed environment and get to learn through games and fun activities.”

“Summer school is fun because in MS and HS there’s more freedom and you’re able to be around your friends without the stress that usually comes with school.” 

“Summer school was fun because I got to know more about the next year and I was able to spend time with friends!”

“Summer school was great because we got to do a lot of different things in summer school that we normally can’t do in school. For example, we were able to go on field trips and do learn through fun activities!”

“It was fun to study with different teachers that I never had before!”

“There were a lot of fun classes and I learned new skills and gained new experiences. I also liked how the classes were smaller so the teacher could go into more detail about how and why, and I was able to learn a lot!”

“I was happy to go to summer school even though it was very short. I learned many new skills that were very helpful, and will be helpful in the future. I would definitely attend again!”

“I learned many new skills and things that I don’t really learn in regular school classes. I will be using these skills next year and in the future!”

“I really liked how lively the classes were. Although I thought that it would be quiet and sad, that was not the case and the students were fun and active in class. I also met students they would not have had the opportunity to meet if it had not been for summer school!”

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