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Learning to Love, and Loving to Learn.


Learning to Love, Loving to Learn


Seisen is committed to supporting our students’ academic development and to helping students build enthusiasm and confidence as learners.
Summer School classes focus on developing skills in core areas that students need to become successful, independent learners as they continue their academic experience at Seisen.


Invoices will be sent in early April after Spring Break.
Payment deadline is April 26th.


Full Day Sports Camp: 130,000yen (includes all trips)

Morning Academic + Afternoon Activities: 130,000yen (includes all trips)

Half Day Program: 90,000yen

Pre-1st Grade Program

Specially designed to provide students new to first grade with an introduction to their new environment and to class routines.
Individual and small-group instruction.

Morning Academic Classes 8:30-12:00
• Getting-to-know-you/Community Building Activities
• Storytime/Read-a-Louds
• Choosing 'Just-Right' Books
• Reader's Workshop: individual, small group and whole
class reading activities
• Responding to literature through discussions and pictures
• Writer's Workshop: building stories, journal writing
• Small group and whole class oral language and listening
• Math Activities: numbers and operations, patterns,
• Phonics and letter formation: letters and sounds practice
• Library visits and check-outs
• Out door play

Afternoon Activity / 13:00 -15:00
• Sports
• Arts and Craft Activity (Visual arts)
• Drama (Performing Arts) **New for 2019**
*1 week rotation for each activity

Pre-2 to 6 Programs

Morning Academic Classes 8:30-12:00
• Reader’s Workshop: individual & small group and
reading activities
• Responding to literature
• Writer’s Workshop: individual & small group and
• Small group and whole class oral language &
listening activities
• Mathmatics: core grade level concepts & skills
• Library visits & check-outs

Afternoon Activity / 13:00 -15:00
• Sports
• Arts and Craft Activity (Visual arts)
• Drama (Performing Arts) **New for 2019**
*1 week rotation for each activity

• Play clothes
• Hat
• Water bottle
• Snack
• Lunch or Sign-up for Cezars Kitchen Lunch
(only for Students attending full day)
• Pencils & an eraser (Students attending Summer School)

Report Cards

Parents/guardians of students in Pre-1 too Pre-6 Academic Programs will receive written feedback for each student at the end of Summer School detailing the concepts and skills covered, and how student's settled in and responded to the elementary environment.

Full Day Sports Camp (8:30-3:00)

Open to students entering grades 2-6.

Students will get to participate in a variety of fun-filled activities including co-operative games, relays and sports. This year’s SPORTS CAMP will once again include adventurous field trips each week and a few surprises. Spaces are limited and will be allocated on a first come basis. 
At Seisen
• table tennis
• tennis
• volleyball
• badminton
• basketball
• scooter games
• frisbee activities
• floor hockey
• tagging & fleeing games
• soccer-baseball-basketball
• parachute games
Around Tokyo
• ice skating
• bowling
• soccer
• golf
• Tsukushino Obstacle Course
• indoor swimming weekly
• capture the flag

2018 ES Summer School Posts

Building Friendships Through Sports Camp

An insight into the 3 weeks of the Sports Camp and the importance of the leaders. 

Pre-2nd Students

Pre-2nd graders have fun performing a play in front of a big audience. 

Pre-5th Grader Practice Acting and Producing

The Pre-5th graders are working on a play that they produced themselves.

Transitioning from Kindergarten to Elementary School

The pre-1st students are getting ready for their first year as ES students. 

Students Relax While Doing Art

Pre-4, 5 and 6 graders enjoy a relaxing time making art.

Pre-3rd Graders Improve Math Skills

The pre-3rd students learn how to add big numbers by using blocks. 

Pre-1st Graders Go On a Field Trip!

Pre-1st Graders traveled to Bunkamura for the Paddington the Bear exhibit.

Pre-4th Graders Make News Friends Through Writing

Learning how to write biographies to develop writing skills. 

ICT Builds News Experiences for Pre-2nd and 3rd Graders

Pre-2nd and 3rd graders learn how to program in the ICT class.

Pre-1st graders Explore Their Creativity Through Art

The Pre-1st graders enjoy arts and crafts during their afternoon session of the week.