Jiggle Friday

As I was cycling around my neighborhood yesterday, I noticed two of the sakura trees had bloomed.  So of course I stopped, got off my bike, and snapped a picture.  And it was a great reminder of how even when the world feels like it is in chaos, we can still count on nature to reassure us

Go to the Mat!

There is a famous line in Francis Ford Coppolla's, 1972 Academy Award winning film "The Godfather", that says, "We go the mattresses".  This line was made famous again in Nora Ephron's 1998 romantic comedy, "You've Got Mail".  Essentially, "go to the mattresses" is an expression that means to prepare for battle.


Learning to Love, Loving to Learn

Class Trips

Field trips are an integral part of the Seisen educational experience.

Be it an exploration of a local ecosystem by science students, a trip to an historical site by social studies students, or a trip to the theatre to view a production of a Shakespearean play by English students, Seisen field trips are designed with our mission of challenging our students in their learning and inspiring them to act on their faith and values.

"Challenging our students in their learning and inspiring them to act on their faith and values."

Not only do our field trips involve curriculum related goals, they also offer a chance for class bonding and the opportunity for teachers and students to get to know each other outside of the classroom situation.

As well as trips designed to enhance learning in particular subject areas, the following grade level trips occur each year:

Grade 7 Ski Trip

The seventh graders go on a four-day ski trip to Hakuba, Nagano, during the first week of February. The purpose of the trip is to give the new middle school students the chance to get to know one another more as they socialize and enjoy skiing. Other evening activities such as snow sculpture making, and a talent show add to the fun and excitement. Ski instructions in English are provided and free skiing time is also included in the schedule.

Grade 8 Hiroshima Trip

Students in grade 8 History study extensively various aspects of Japanese history and culture. To build upon the lessons taught in the classroom the 8th grade visits Hiroshima city and Miyajima Island. The trip begins with a Shinkansen ride directly to Hiroshima. Students spend the entire first day exploring the world heritage site of Miyajima Island and Itsukushima Shrine, long revered as a sacred site in Shinto, the native religion of Japan. On the second day they meet with a survivor of the Hiroshima atomic bombing, and then visit the Peace Park, Memorial Museum and Survivor Museum. Our last day is spent at Hiroshima Castle and museum, followed by a visit to the beautiful and ancient Shu Ki En Garden. The goal of this trip is to enhance the students appreciation and understanding of the country and culture in which they live and develop peace education.

Videos created by students in the "Video Production" elective.