Middle School (Grades 6-8)

In keeping with our school’s philosophy, our Middle School goal is to promote the academic, social, emotional, and spiritual welfare of the students in grades 6, 7 and 8.

We are committed to offering a comprehensive academic program that provides students with the skills needed to become independent, inquiring learners. We cultivate empathy, respect, and tolerance of others. Our courses support the development of moral strength, academic honesty, and individual responsibility for one’s actions.

Learning in the Middle School

An important part of being a successful student is becoming organized and learning to manage time well. Success involves students knowing their strengths and weaknesses as a learner, their own learning style and what works for them.

CNN Freedom Day project at Seisen International School in Tokyo
  • Students work creatively to reach their learning goals
  • Students work collaboratively, for deeper understanding
  • Students learn complex concepts in order to generate new ideas and new knowledge and solutions

Benefits of the IB Middle Years Programme in the Middle School

Students build confidence in managing their own learning

Students can connect the concepts they are learning to the real life situations

Students are active learners

A focus on the Learner Profile facilitates students' growing understanding of self, openness to others and builds global-mindedness

Students focus on International mindedness

Students can empathize with others

Students gain the skills to pursue lives of purpose and meaning

Students learn complex concepts in order to generate new ideas, knowledge and solutions.

Challenging Girls to imagine and explore

  •  Students have a voice 
  •  MS Student Council officers and class reps bring new ideas and suggestions 
  •  Students become more confident to participate in class discussions
chemistry lesson

Science Technology Engineering Art Math

  • Dissection Club 
  • Chemistry Club
  • Media studies Club
  • Operation Earth; Environmental action initiatives
  • Videography
  • Design Technology
Seisen International School in Tokyo Middle School Halloween

Advisory System in the Middle School

Seisen’s advisor-advisee program provides each middle school student an opportunity to choose a faculty advisor with whom she feels comfortable and in whom she feels she can confide in. Each student chooses an advisor after the first month of school. Students meet with their advisor in groups and individually. Students are given a chance to explore how they might handle common situations, and explore possible responses. 

Learn More from the Middle School Principal and MYP Coordinator

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