Exciting Design Camp Opportunity from IDEO in August

English speaking high schoolers will be learning how to work on a design challenge - from gaining inspiration and empathy on a topic, to brainstorming with peers, creating concepts, prototyping and story-telling their future vision with others.

Seisen International School class of 2015 student Shoko Furukawa is interviewed by the University of Southern California newspaper about her experienced from Tokyo to California.


Learning to Love, Loving to Learn

Sakura Medal ES

2018 Voting



Students are provided with a list of eligible books from the Sakura medal website where they can read about the books and leave their comments. A record of the number of books each student has read will be kept in the library.

In April the student is invited to vote for their favourite book. A student in awarded one vote for every five books they read in a category (four for graphic, four for Japanese chapter and three for MS books).
The votes of all the students in all participating schools are tallied and the book that gets the most votes in its category wins the Sakura medal. The Sakura medal is sent to the winning author. In May students who met the criteria celebrate the Sakura books with a party.


Students check out one of the Sakura library books from the library. As they check out the book they will also be given a Sakura Medal passport (grade 2and 3 only) to make comments about the books they are reading . Grade 4-6 will comment online through the Sakura Seesaw classroom page.

Students take the book home, read it, make their comments and return the book to the library as soon as possible. Only one book may be checked out by students at a time. Holds are not permitted for these books.

The librarians will keep track of each students reading.

2019 Book Awards

English Picture Book

Japanese Picture Book

Graphic Novel

English Chapter Book


Japanese Chapter Book