Seisen Singers Shine at KPASS Competition
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Our singers at Seisen had a fantastic weekend at the Kanto Plains Association of Secondary Schools (KPASS) Vocal Solo and Ensemble Competition.

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Learning to Love, Loving to Learn


The right education must tune the strings of the body and mind to perfect spiritual harmony.

The kindergarten students have access to a large playground which looks out onto the expansive area of the tennis courts and futsal field. There is a sand-pit, monkey bars, playcenter and lots of playground equipment for the children to further develop their gross motor skills.


for our young learners is experiential. Students sing songs, play instruments, and move to the music. They explore many different music concepts, often linking these concepts to classroom units.


Library - We believe and value that young children who become regular library users will benefit from the meaningful early literacy experiences available through storytimes. The students are exposed to, and begin to learn early literacy skills through everyday interactions such as: sharing books, telling stories, singing songs and talking to one another. All of these activities help expand vocabulary, enrich and broaden their experiences, help communication and social skills while stimulating brain development. In addition to the classroom and the kindergarten resource library, the children enjoy a weekly class with the elementary librarian. The librarians collaborate on a regular basis with the kindergarten teachers in implementing curriculum by providing and sharing resources, among which are stories related to the inquiry-based projects. Both the teachers and librarians have created inviting spaces for children to enjoy literacy-rich, hands-on-experiences in an interactive and caring environment.


Dance class gives young learners opportunities to explore the world through creative dance concepts. They strengthen and center their bodies by learning developmentally appropriate movement. In addition, students learn dances from around the globe, and add their own ideas to their performance dances.


Physical Education teaches these young students the importance of physical activity at this impressionable age. This is the ideal time for acquiring fundamental movement skills which become the foundation for learning more complex movement skills later in life. Children first learn about the space immediately surrounding their bodies as this will help them to be able to line up without getting too close to someone else. They learn to listen, participate and to be part of a team in lots of fun ways.


Language / Communication
EAL will be introduced next school year at the pre-school level. The EAL department will help students to develop native like levels of proficiency in English. It will also address the cognitive and expressive skills which are mapped/outlined for the Language curriculum.


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