Positive Discipline Tool of the Month: Family Meetings

A great way to open up or strengthen the lines of communication within your family is by having weekly family meetings.  Family meetings are an effective tool because all members get to have a voice and the freedom to express themselves.  They also teach important life skills such as respectful communication, problem solving, and responsibility. 

On Wednesday, October 17th, I will be holding my first parent workshop of the year from 7pm-8:30pm in the Drama room. In addition to safeguarding, we will also explore the Positive Discipline approach to family meetings. I hope to see many of you there! 


Learning to Love, Loving to Learn

Trailblazers in Asia

Seisen International School - Sheila O"Donoghue

Miss Sheila (KG Principal)

Seisen began as a Montessori Kindergarten in 1962. We are proud to say that we are one of the first Montessori PYP schools in the world.

We offer a unique curriculum in multi-age classrooms aiming to develop the whole child. While rooted in the basic traditions and teachings of Maria Montessori, our Kindergarten has introduced many new ideas which compliment and further connect with the children’s desire to discover and learn in fun ways.

The introduction of our Primary Years Program units of inquiry is building not only the foundation for future academic success, but also the necessary affective skills to meet 21st century demands: independence, cooperation, collaboration, creativity, flexibility and critical thinking.

The children are also enriched by many activities, which include music, dance, physical education, library, art and technology. They develop beautiful friendships from their small, loving class environments.

Whether I am out on the playground among the children, greeting them at the entrance, sharing a story with them or observing them in their classrooms, I am in awe of the potential that lies within each child. Our Kindergarten seeks to celebrate the individual talents of each child. Our program allows time for the children to uncover their gifts with opportunities to explore and to solve problems. Our ultimate goal is to develop well rounded, independent students for today’s global world.


Sheila O’Donoghue

Arrange a School Tour

As of 2018 all inquiries and applications for Seisen International School are accepted through the online admissions portal only. 

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