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International Baccalaureate

Three decades of world class education

Seisen has been an International Baccalaureate school since 1986. Seisen was only the third school in Japan, after St. Mary's and Canadian Academy, to offer the IB Program. The Diploma Program in the high school has continued to grow over the last 30 years. Critical thinking, community service, and an exposure to a wide variety of intellectual viewpoints reflect what both Seisen and the IB value.

In 2007 the Elementary School became authorized to off the IB Primary Years Program (PYP). The PYP is a curriculum framework for international education. The programme focuses on the holistic development of the child addressing the physical, social, emotional, cultural and academic well being of each student and reflects our strong belief that education must address the development of the whole child.

From 2016 the Kindergarten is also authorized to offer the PYP. Seisen is one of just two schools in the Asia Pacific region blending the elements of Montessori and the PYP.

As of July 2020 Seisen International School is authorized to offer the PYP, MYP and DP.


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Primary Years Program

Middle Years Program

Assessment For Learning
Eric Usher

The MYP assessment model helps students, teachers and parents see not only past progress, but also future steps.

Diploma Program

From our PYP, MYP and DP Coordinators

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