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Learning to Love, Loving to Learn

an integral part of the Seisen educational experience

Be it an exploration of a local ecosystem by science students, a trip to an historical site by social studies students, or a trip to the theatre to view a production of a Shakespearean play by English students, Seisen field trips are designed with our mission of:

"Challenging our students in their learning and inspiring them to act on their faith and values."

Not only do our field trips involve curriculum related goals, they also offer a chance for class bonding and the opportunity for teachers and students to get to know each other outside of the classroom situation.

As well as trips designed to enhance learning in particular subject areas, the following grade level trips occur each year:


In November, grade nine students visit Seisen’s sister school in Nagano where they participate in class and after-school activities, among which are tea ceremony and flower arrangement. The students spend two nights with their host family, expanding their knowledge about Japanese customs and family life. In addition, they experience the religious atmosphere of Zenkouji, a 1,400 year-old Buddhist temple. In March, Nagano Seisen students visit our school for three days with our ninth graders as hosts. They are delighted to be in classes and activities with students representing different nationalities. This student exchange program has thrived for over twenty years, creating a close bond among students of the two Seisen schools.


Grade 10 students visit the world heritage city of Kyoto and Nara. Such an excursion has a direct tie-in to our Fine Arts IGCSE, the literature and history components offered at the IB level. Students travel via Shinkansen to visit f world heritage sites such as Ryoan-ji, Kinkaku-ji, and Kiyomizu-dera. There is also a guided tour of the Kyoto Imperial Palace. On the third day of the trip the students must independently travel within the city on a building scavenger hunt using a limited transportation budget. The excursion provides our students the opportunity to see and experience two of the world’s most beautiful and culturally vibrant cities.


The 11th grade class trip is in the beautiful and scenic Gunma prefecture. Students will partake in a number of outdoors activities that seek to build self-esteem and esprit de corps. This excursion also provides a chance for pupils to develop skills necessary for successfully navigating the IB Diploma. Topics include: time management, dealing with deadlines, CAS expectations, writing an extended essay and avoiding plagiarism.


The Grade 12 trip takes place in September of the senior year. The foci of the trip is building resilience and camaraderie. The “senior year” is fraught with stress and deadlines. This trip seeks to enable students to better navigate the challenges of senior year by developing personal and classwide frameworks of success. Topics explored include: “supporting each other”; patience; and recognizing and dealing with stress. Furthermore, students review the university application process, the IB extended essay and the challenges of preparing to live away from home.