Heroes of the Old Testament

Heroes of the Old Testament
Joji Muyuela

Recently the grade 6 students have been inquiring about the Old Testament figures that they consider as inspirational.

A pre-assessment was done where students were given teacher-created questions to test students' knowledge about the various role models in the Old Testament.

Students were asked to research on who they think is an Old Testament role model. They were inquiring into what makes these Old Testament models inspirational and why they would be relevant today.

Moving further: At the end of the Role Model unit, students will attempt to reflect on the following questions:

  1. What is one important idea that I learned from this unit? 

  2. What is this idea about? 

  3. Why is this idea important? 

  4. How does this idea apply to my life? How is this idea relevant to the social, political, cultural or ethical issues we currently face?

  5. What questions do I still want to ask?  What does this idea make me wonder?


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