Friendships and Rhythms in Music Class

Friendships and Rhythms in Music Class
Kathy Kampa-Vilina

Grade One students are singing songs about friendship and learning about rhythm.

Grade One has been singing many songs about friendship. They've been learning some valuable music skills, too. You'll find many links to the class unit of inquiry. In addition, students are working on concepts in music class.

The central idea for this music unit is:

Different combinations of rhythm and sound form patterns and create variety in music.

Students will be learning about the different rhythms used in music (and their names in English), body percussion (sounds like clapping, patting, stamping, snapping), and finding patterns in songs and chants. We'll be playing lots of instruments, too!

Here the students figured out the rhythm of their individual names. They are making the rhythm with their fingers. They then figured out who shared the same rhythm.

These children have two beats which count "ta ta."

These children have three syllables. In music we count "ti-ti ta."

A few children in each class have only one syllable. We can count it with a half note or one quarter note and a rest. 


The students are learning several songs to sing at the Festival of Nations which support our unit of inquiry both in the homeroom and music class.

Here's 1A singing the song By Ourselves by Bev Bos.

Here's 1B singing the song "By Ourselves" by Bev Bos.

You may also hear them singing  "It's So Good to See You" by Randy DeLelles, "Celebrations Around the World," and "Good Friends." They are also dancing to "My Mixed Juice" which is a Japanese children's song. 



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