Dance a Preposition? Students Dance with Guest Artist Maria Speth

Dance a Preposition? Students Dance with Guest Artist Maria Speth
Kathy Kampa-Vilina

Maria Speth, Dance Specialist from Holland, taught an inspiring dance class for Gr. 4-6 students.

What inspires a dance? This week it was Maria Speth and a variety of prepositions!

On Tuesday, May 1st, dancers from Grades 4-6 were treated to a 70- minute creative dance class by Maria Speth, a dance professor at Maastricht University. Students interested in dance were given the opportunity to work with her. They explored various ways to create new dance movements.

Students began by learning a dance with only four different movements. As they repeated the movements, Maria prompted them to make small changes to their dances. Their creativity started to shine!

Students gathered to learn a poem about prepositions. At first, students sat in their places and created simple movements with their arms. Then, students collaborated with a partner to turn a simple poem into a piece of choreography. Students began by saying the words and doing their dance with a partner. Then the words were taken away, extracting only the movements. Students performed them at a slow tempo, then a quicker tempo.

Students had a chance to share their dances with the rest of the group. It was amazing to see how each piece of choreography was unique, even though each group was inspired by the same Preposition Poem. 

I'd like to thank Seisen's Administration for supporting the arts in our school, homeroom teachers for their flexibility, and Doug Brittain for documenting this class.



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