How can you recycle paper? Grade 3 can tell you how!

How can you recycle paper? Grade 3 can tell you how!
Nicola Speirs

Grade 3 students have been investigating the paper making process as part of their unit "How We Organise Ourselves - The Marketplace".

Working in groups, they carried out research, using the internet and some videos, then used this information to create a poster.  The posters explained the paper making process and the history of paper-making... they traced it all the way back to Ancient China and a man named Cai Lun.

They discovered that before the invention of paper, people used to write on bones, animal skins and bamboo sticks.  These were very heavy to carry around and could be a bit smelly!

The video below explains the history of paper making:


The first stage in the paper making process is to tear up some old paper and blend it with water, to make a pulp.

The pulp is then poured into a mould, called a deckle and the water is squeezed out, using a cloth or sponge.

Once nearly all the water is squeezed out, the paper is left to dry, under a heavy book to stop the paper from curling at the edges.  Et voila!  You have a useable sheet of paper, made entirely from recycled materials.

By recycling one tonne of paper, we can save 17 trees from being chopped down.


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