Grade 6 Multi-cultural Masks

Grade 6 Multi-cultural Masks
Nicola Speirs

Grade 6 students share progress on their clay mask project

Grade 6 students have been designing and making clay masks from different cultures around the world.

They carried out research, to find out about some different types of masks and their uses.

They made 2 drawings in their sketchbooks of some potential ideas for their masks and then compared them, to see which would be the most suitable design.

A larger drawing of their chosen design was made and coloured in with oil pastels.

Finally, they re-created their design in clay, using tools to add pieces of clay and carve out features, patterns and textures.

The next step will be to put their masks into the kiln for firing and then paint with a thin brush.


  • Clay
  • design
  • Grade 6
  • multi-cultural

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