Grade 4: How We Express Ourselves - Visual Arts

Grade 4: How We Express Ourselves - Visual Arts
Nicola Speirs

Grade 4 students had the chance to visit Setagaya Art Museum's Annexe in Jiyugaoka, this week, as part of their How We Express Ourselves Unit.  The gallery is dedicated to local artist, Miyamoto Saburo, who painted portraits, landscapes and still life in a Western style.  

Before visiting the gallery, Grade 4 studied the Visual Elements:  Line, Shape, Colour, Texture, Space, Value and Form.  They researched each concept, using a variety of resources, including posters and videos, and then created their very own "quick reference" booklet.

At the museum, students were welcomed by an English speaking guide, who talked to them about the late Miyamoto Saburo and explained his background, the messages he wished his work to convey and some of the techniques he used. 

As well as having the opportunity to view some of Saburo's work on "Women and Flowers", the students were able to make notes and sketches to bring back to school, for further investigation.

The field trip also involved a short tour of JŨshinji Temple, where they took photos, made sketches and enjoyed the local culture.


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