Grade 2: Who We Are - Self-Awareness

Grade 2: Who We Are - Self-Awareness
Nicola Speirs

Grade 2: Increasing self-awareness by drawing self-portraits

Grade 2 students have been making sketches of themselves, using a mirror to document their unique features.

They drew a self-portrait in 5 mins, then 3 mins and finally 1 min so that they could prioritise the main features and manage their time efficiently.

They created their own research questions and then watched a video all about the artist Amedeo Modigliani and tried to answer their questions.  When the students were drawing their portraits, they tried to emulate Modigliani's distinctive style - long necks and faces.

After a bit more practice, they will draw and paint their self-portraits to create a finished piece.

  • Art and Design
  • Grade 2
  • Inquiry in the PYP
  • Modigliani
  • Note taking
  • portraits
  • PYP
  • Research questions
  • Self-portraits

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