A drop in the ocean for Grade 2

A drop in the ocean for Grade 2
Nicola Speirs

Collage fish inspired by British artist Peter Clarke

Grade 2 students have been refining their cutting, tearing, arranging and gluing techniques by making collage fish, inspired by British artist, Peter Clarke.

They practised sketching fish from observation and then drew an enlarged fish onto brown paper, ready to collage.  They divided their fish into smaller sections and then used old magazines to find suitable colours, values, patterns and textures for each part of their fish.

They tore pieces to fit the sections and glued them down securely, to ensure a neat finish.  They tried to make the eye stand out, by using contrasting colours.

Finally, they added suitable background details, such as rocks, bubbles, seaweed and other sea creatures.


This project linked to their Homeroom Unit on Rivers, Seas and Oceans.

  • collage
  • Grade 2
  • Oceans
  • Peter Clarke
  • Rivers
  • Seas

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