Welcome back to a year of reading

Welcome back to a year of reading
Lea Morton

A mixed start to the year.

Welcome back to another year of reading. We have had a mixed start to the year. Last week our library suffered flooding from the storm. You can tell by the pictures that we had quite a mess to clean up and so we were closed for a week.


During that time nothing could be checked out. Happily, and thanks to many people,  we are open now and we have enjoyed a rush of ‘library business’.

The bright side however was that I gained the opportunity to visit the students in their classes and remind them about our online service, OVERDRIVE.

All students have access to Overdrive while they are at our school. They can check out E-Books , Read-along books and Audiobooks. Overdrive is just like a library. Students can borrow a copy of t any of the books  usually there is only one copy per book) and have up to three books for two weeks. Then they will be automatically returned and then if students have placed a hold on a popular book the book will arrive automatically in their account when it is their turn.

You can download the app so then the books can be downloaded into your own devices and they can travel with you anywhere (no internet access needed!)


Grade 1 and 2

I am sending home with Grade 1 and 2 students a copy of their username and instructions about how to access Overdrive at home.

Grade 3,4,5,6

Students have in their Google drive a document/drawing with their username saved.


Please let me know if any of the usernames are not working.

Happy Reading everyone.

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