The Sport of Reading

The Sport of Reading
Lea Morton

Collaborating makes reading fun.

Sakura Book Bowl Competition… the Sport of Readers!

In April 2019 a team of girls (12) will represent Seisen at the annual Book Bowl Competition. This week several ex Book Bowlers from Grade 6 shared their experiences and thoughts about being member of last years team. They shared the ups and downs, the challenges and their reasons for joining, with the goal of encouraging new Grade 4 students to try out for the team in January.

The girls talked about the fun of collaborating with those in other classes and grades, the challenge of the competition itself, balancing their time (with all their other commitments),  the extra reading and homework activities associated with the lunch and school time practices. They also shared the excitement of reading and re-reading the books and how all the hard work helped them really improve their thinking, reading the vocabulary skills.





Grade 4: If you are interested in joining, make sure you read at least 5 chapter books before January.

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