Students are in charge!

Students are in charge!
Lea Morton

Reading now will get you votes in you can have say in the best Sakura Book. 

Yes. Its time to read, read, read so you can vote, vote, vote in Spring!

Today our Sakura Medal Book Award reading programme has started. Children may check one book out in a selected category, but only after gaining signatures on their goal setting form from their teacher and a parent and returning this form to the Library Media Centre.

The Fall break is a great time to read these books on Overdrive (our online library) too but you’ll have to be quick. Remember you can place a hold on Overdrive but not on the books from the Library Media Centre.


Grade 2 can select up to 20 books from the picture book collections.

Grade 3 can select from the picture books and the 16 graphic novels.

Grade 4-6 may also add the 20 English chapter  and Japanese books. In  November they may also read the picture books and graphic novels.

Grade 6 are invited to check out and read books from the MS Sakura collection as well.


Do not hesitate to come to any of the librarians with questions and suggestions about the programme.

Happy Reading!

Remember the more you read the more votes you will get in Spring!

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More from the Seisen PYP Specialists

As the reality of another week of distance learning and disruption of our regular routines sets in this week, I’d like to focus on keeping it simple and go back to some parenting basics.

Whether in Tokyo or abroad, many of us are under self-quarantine. It is important to be aware of cabin fever syndrome – rooted in the feeling of confinement and isolation for an uncertain period of time.

At this time, we would like to encourage our community to take the time to practice self-care.  We might find this to be a highly stressful and challenging period.  We can help manage our anxiety by acknowledging and discussing our feelings about this situation with loved ones or with myself as the KG/ Elementary counselor who is trained and equipped to deal with stressful situations like this.

Art in the library

It has been great to see the art contributions and hear the important discussions that have taken place and note how this competition has supported learning.