Healthy Choices

Healthy Choices
Lea Morton

The reading choices people make can affect their health and well-being.

During our recent library lessons we have been looking at reading choices. We used an online tool, Kahoot , as a way to practice thinking about our reading choices. Kahoot was a great tool as it helped students choose not only the questions,  but it also helped them consider the choices other people might make. ‘Playing the Kahoot’ was a lot of fun too!

Students in each class worked in pairs to create questions (with 4 possible answers) that would encourage other students to think about their reading choices.

Sample questions included:

Which library is best for you?

Who do you like to read with?

Which would you want to try (but have never read)?

Which language do you prefer to read in?

What kind of book do you mostly choose?


Each class then had the opportunity to answer the questions written by the other class. There was also the opportunity to reflect together on the individual answers as they were viewed.

Some results:

Graphic novels were the most popular genre.

The school library is very popular as it has great books, in English.

Horror and historical genres are not yet read widely.

Mums were the most popular person to read to students.

Some students favourite place to read is in bed.

Students thought it was important to choose how much they read.

No one thought reading isn't important.

Recommending books to friends is a good way to share books.

We should spend more time recommending books to others.

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