Don't Stress. Do Your Best! A Warm Welcome From Ms. Carnright, School Counselor

Don't Stress. Do Your Best! A Warm Welcome From Ms. Carnright, School Counselor
Tara Carnright

Welcome back, Seisen student's and teachers! After a long summer away from school, here is a refresher about my role as KG & ES School Counselor. I've described some of my most important job duties and how to get in touch to make an appointment. 

Well, another summer has passed, and we are already back at school! I've missed the Seisen community over the past couple of months, and it feels good to be in a regular routine again. Parents, I'm sure you can relate!  

As the elementary counselor, the focus of my job remains, primarily, promoting the emotional, social, and academic well-being of our children. They have come to know me as a "problem solver" (so flattering!) and as an adult that is always here to offer a listening ear. Besides going into classrooms and doing lessons corresponding to Units of Inquiry, I will continue teaching the boys and girls in kindergarten to grade 6 about how to keep their bodies safe throughout this school year. 

To start the year, one of my first tasks is to enter into classrooms and introduce myself, which is especially important for our girls brand new to Seisen. I arrange activities based on developmental age to give students reminders (or new information) regarding what it is a school counselor does. 

One of the most important aspects of this brief introduction is to let kids know how they can reach me if they would like to make an appointment. For student's in grades 2-4, one way of doing this is to fill out an appointment form, which are provided to each classroom.


Once the students have filled out this form (including what "size" their problem is!) they can drop it off in my mailbox which is located just outside of my office (located across from the drama room near grade 5). 

The older students in grades 4, 5, and 6 can request an appointment by filling out the above form or by sending an email ( Parents are always welcome to contact me by phone or email to set up a meeting. With that being said, I am encouraging both students and their parents to first seek out their classroom teacher, especially when experiencing those smaller problems that he or she can work to fix straight away. Because we are a team, teachers and I typically work closely to ensure that these issues are being addressed.


In closing, parents, here is a wonderful resource from Aha Parenting to help support your kiddos and their adjustment as they begin this new school year. I wish everyone a happy and healthy start! And remember....this year, and your child is a "rainbow of possibilities!"  ~Ms. Carnright


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