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Learning to Love, and Loving to Learn.


Learning to Love, Loving to Learn

So Long Farewell to the end of grade 1!

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So Long Farewell to the end of grade 1!
Catherine Beswick

What a fantastic year we have had together in grade 1A.

What a fantastic year we have had together in grade 1A. There have been so many great memories made in your first year of school at Seisen. On Friday we had a final circle time together and reflected on some of our favourite memories together in 1A. Trips to the Toy Museum, performing as chefs at Carol Night, developing our writing skills and ideas during Writer's Workshop were some of the highlights the girls mentioned. But it was heartwarming to hear so many of the girls mention the making of new friendships over the course of the year together, as their most special memories. I hope that the girls continue to value and support these friendships as they begin their school holidays and in August again as second graders. 

On Thursday we had our last full day together in 1A. At 1.30pm we invited the 1A families into our classroom for our a final sharing of learning. It was amazing to see that every single child had family come and support them on this last day. The girls read aloud some of their favourite stories and then showed how they can use Post It notes to help them retell the most important parts from a story. Then came a final sharing of their published writing pieces; both realistic fiction and opinion writing. 

After the learning celebration came our much anticipated End of Year Party which also served as a birthday celebration for the summer birthdays of Caitlin, Maoka and Reina in June, Sara Y in July and Melody in August. Cupcakes, drinks, Happy Birthday songs and presents were shared before the end of year games began. Who knew that Pass the Parcel would be such a thrilling, squealing success? Or that a game of Charades could exude such emotion? 

Take a look at the slide show which captures some moments from the learning celebration and the fun end of year awards from Miss Beswick. 

Have a great summer holiday everyone. Keep reading, keep smiling and I can't wait to see you all back happy and healthy as big grade 2 girls in August! 


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