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Pause and reflect

Pause and reflect
Naini Singh

The very act of pausing and reflecting opens up possibilities in Math.

The students have been focusing on mistakes they make. We have just completed a unit on ratio and proportions. This was followed by a short assessment. The students were asked to go over each others' work and try to figure out what their peer was thinking when they made the mistake. So did I. It makes you pause and reflect. The very act of pausing and reflecting opens up possibilities.

Try it out!


I asked the student to highlight the keywords in the problem below. (Yellow)

She left out something crucial. Can you spot it?

She had a similar problem here. But her question clearly reflects the fact that " every" has an important role to play.

Though the student was able to clearly see the relationship between X and Y, she struggled to write a mathematical expression until prompted. She clearly needs more practice before she will be able to grasp the abstract.

The student doe does not yet understand the multiplicative property between proportionate quantities. Back to the drawing board...

The question appears to be an easy one. Yet no one thought of part to the whole. All the answers were part to part ratios. Interesting data!

The mistakes are getting more interesting...

When the pattern breaks, this is what happens. What was going in the student's mind to come up with "11,0000"?

What does "equal" mean in Mathematics?

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