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Exhibition is about Action

Exhibition is about Action
Mikie O'Shea

Grade Six students evaluate their action plans for Exhibition 2018.

Exhibition is about Action

Action. We tout it every year. Action, action, action... your team MUST take some action. So, what exactly is action anyway? Action in the PYP can look like any of the following:

This week, students  have been grappling with different ideas for their group's action. Listen to groups outlining their current action plans in the following flipgrid. Please leave comments and suggestions for groups in the same flipgrid.

With nine school days left until Exhibition, students have turned their attention to how they will interactively display their inquiry processes and findings. Join us on April 27th to see how they turn out!

Finally we want to thank Judy from Grade Six for her effort in designing this year's Exhibition poster. Congratulations Judy and thank you for sharing your talent with us.

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