Students Investigate Properties of Matter

Students Investigate Properties of Matter
Sean Carroll

Students in grade 5 investigate properties of matter and how these properties are used by society.

Grade 5 students are in the final stretch of their How The World Works unit of inquiry. Students have been exploring different properties of matter and how scientists investigate them. This week, we focused on the concept of solutions and solubility. To start, students explored what would happen if an M&M was placed in water. In this investigation, we focused on using specific, accurate vocabulary to describe what was saw. We emphasized the difference between dissolving and melting and made sure we were using those terms correctly. As a next step, students brainstormed a list of possible variables they could investigate based on this preliminary investigation. Some students chose the amount of M&Ms in water, some chose the temperature of the water, some chose the type of liquid, others chose the amount of water. In all cases, students came up with a question to investigate and carried out the experiment individually.  As a next step, students will investigate the properties of physical and chemical changes.

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