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Parents and Daughters Working Together

Parents and Daughters Working Together
Sean Carroll

Parents and daughters work together to investigate building healthy relationships during adolescence.

This morning we welcomed parents into class to work with their daughters and investigate some of the changes that occur during adolescence and how we can build and maintain healthy relationships during these times. A main goal of this session was for parents and daughters to have fun and work together to develop some strategies that could be used to maintain healthy relationships with each other during the changing years of adolescence.

First, a list of 10 changes was given to each group. We asked groups to classify these changes on a continuum as most excited about to least excited about. Parents and daughters were able to share their perspectives with each other and talk through the changes in more detail.

Next, we role-played a few scenarios to help promote dialogue between parents and daughters. To add a bit of perspective, we had everyone switch roles; parents played the part of daughters, and daughters played the part of parents.

We finished with parents and daughters offering each other bits of advice to remember moving forward.

We want to thank everyone for taking the time to come out and share in these activities with us.  It was clear that everyone learned something and enjoyed themselves.

We look forward to our next session on March 9 when we share our science investigations with parents.

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