Investigating Physical and Chemical Change

Investigating Physical and Chemical Change
Sean Carroll

Grade 5 students investigate chemical change.

Grade 5 students are wrapping up their unit on the study of matter and how it changes. Students had the opportunity to go into the high school science lab and work with Mr. Johnson to investigate different types of changes. 

Students had a checklist to help identify when a chemical change might have occurred. These include; a change in temperature, a change in colour, a change in smell,or the formation of bubbles (a gas).  Students moved from station to station to conduct and investigation and had to determine what type of change took place, and what evidence they used to make their determination.

As a final task, students will follow up on one of those investigations to further investigate.  Students will change one of the variable to see how that affects the change.

As a challenge, students were asked to use all they know about the properties of matter to figure out how many marbles are in the beaker.  What would you do? Can you figure it out? Perhaps you have your own "Eureka!" moment.


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