How We Express Ourselves

How We Express Ourselves
Sean Carroll

Grade 5 students help to create advertisements for the Festival of Nations

Students began investigating the transdisciplinary theme of How We Express Ourselves.  The central idea of this unit is that people can create or manipulate messages to suit target audiences.  To build agency and student choice into the inquiry, we decided to use the upcoming Festival of Nations as a focal point. The festival is a celebration of our diverse global backgrounds and shared community.  Many of the different countries represented at Seisen set up food stalls to help raise money for the parent's association and thus the school.

The task for students was to create a poster and online menu to help the booth raise awareness and increase sales. (Link Below)  Students investigated the psychology of colour and the elements of design, all while considering the audience and message to be delivered. 

Students will receive feedback from parents and the greater community on the menu and posters to gain valuable feedback which will be used in their next project and investigation.

Here is the link to website.


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