Grade 5 Handle Data

Grade 5 Handle Data
Sean Carroll

Grade 5 students handle data and explore landmarks and graphing options.

Students in grade 5 are just finishing up a unit on data handling. Students explored the idea that mean, median, range and mode can be used to analyze data. During this unit, students spent the majority of time in hands-on activities where they collected data, organized data, analyzed data, presented results in graphs, and reflected on the quality of the data and any possible limitations, such as sample size.

Here are the key learning outcomes students have been working towards:

Use the maximum, minimum, range, median, mean, mode and graphs to ask and answer questions

Create and analyze line graphs, bar graphs, and circle graphs

Design a survey and systematically collect, record, organize, analyze and present data

Students worked in groups to evaluate the different ways of organizing data and presenting data, realizing that different data sets may be shown better with particular types of graphs. In addition, students worked collaboratively to share their understanding of mean, median, mode, and range and provided tips for each other when finding these landmarks.

Below are just a few of the tasks students worked on with pictures of them in action.


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