Girls’ School Graduates Have a Clear Edge Over Coeducated Peers

Reflecting on the totality of the findings, the researchers noted, “these statistically significant results demonstrate differences in areas of critical importance in the twenty-first century for women as they enter university and beyond, thus emphasizing the contribution of all-girls schooling for women’s success.”

Traffic Safety around Seisen

The start of the new school year is a great time to review the traffic safety guidelines around Seisen. This guide covers School Zone road closures, gate opening times and parking guidelines. Let's keep every member child safe.


Learning to Love, Loving to Learn

Busy Times in Grade 5

Busy Times in Grade 5
Sean Carroll

St. Raphaela Day and Writing Celebration

The final weeks of school have been busy for grade 5 students; MAP testing, ES Sports Day, Choral Festival, St. Raphaela's Day of Service, and finally the end of year parent sharing session focused on writing. 

Below are some photos from the events. First, St. Raphaela's Day, then, the writing share. To see photos of the ES Sports Day, click here.


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