Guest Artists visit Elementary students

Guest Artists visit Elementary students
Naoko Hashimoto-Uesaka

Music by Massenet, Beethoven, Kreisler, and Honstein filled the Music Room this week.

Pianist Mimi Solomon and violinist Nicholas DiEugenio who are on the faculty at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill came to Seisen to give a special performance for the elementary students on April 3rd.  They introduced the students to traditional and contemporary classical compositions by Massenet, Beethoven, Kreisler, and Honstein.  They made the listening experience interactive and fun by creating lyrics to themes that reoccur in the piece and having them sing along as they performed the piece.  They also introduced them to a contemporary classical piece by Robert Honstein that was inspired by Beethoven's Violin and Piano Sonata, and the students learned how the two pieces were related. 


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Field Trip to Gas Science Museum

Fourth Grade inquirers grow their knowledge at the Tokyo Gas Science Museum. It was a fun field trip where we made many connections to all that we have learned in the How the World Works- Energy unit of inquiry.  

The 4th grade kicked off their unit on Where We Are in Place and Time by showing their knowledge of world geography. The focus of the unit is explorers, and before students learn about the history of exploration, it is important to know about continents, oceans, countries, and other geographic features. 

RIJ Concert Performance

As every member of the audience reported, the fourth graders amazed everyone with their singing and dancing performance yesterday evening at St. Mary's. Seisen 4th graders joined other schools to raise money for Refugees International Japan.  

A Spooktacular Day

Fourth graders celebrated Halloween by dressing up in their most creative costumes.

Grade 4 students are a few days into their new unit....Who We Are. In this unit we will be exploring the systems of the human body.

Throughout our "Interpreting Characters" unit, readers have strengthened their repertoire of strategies for getting to know the characters in their books.