Field Trip to Miura Nature School

Field Trip to Miura Nature School
Mollie McAllister

On Thursday the fourth graders went on a sister school exchange to Miura Nature School. The weather was beautiful and everyone enjoyed a day outdoors in nature picking mikan, running through the forrest and making new friends.

Miura students organized some very fun ice breaker games giving everyone a chance to get to know the students in their groups. This was a great opportunity for Seisen students to practice using their Japanese skills. 

After playing games they made their way to the mikan orchard where they cut ten mikans each to take home to their families. After picking mikan they ate lunch and explored the nature center. They learned about the various plants and vegetables harvested on the land and got to take home small bags of seeds.

We all had a wonderful and are very thankful to Miura for being such kind hosts. 


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